We are bombarded with endless fitness options: running, yoga, Cross Fit, Spin, Pilates, swimming, kettles, Barre, which are all valid protocols, but can be much more effective when combined.   Between the infomercials, the Internet, magazines and friendly opinions, it can become information overload. The good news: There is a way to train efficiently, effectively, and safely to achieve the look you want without wasting valuable time. Ed will cut out the unnecessary “clutter” and tailor programs to your specific needs. Whether it’s one on one or boot camp sessions – simplify your training and sign up today on the info page!

Growing up, Ed was actively involved in wrestling, football and power lifting; post high school, he enlisted in the military. During that time, he was given the privilege of instructing a Physical Fitness camp run by the Navy SEALs to train new recruits who needed assistance in passing the physical fitness requirement tests. SEAL instructors recognized Ed as a leader who excelled in motivating recruits. Encouraging others to achieve their fitness goals provided Ed with an overwhelming sense of purpose.

Ed is a graduate of DePaul University and National Personal Training Institute (NPTI) – an intense kinesiology-driven training school at which he logged over 500 hours of classroom instruction and hands-on technical physical training from the industry’s top trainers. He is among the select few who hold an ACPT certification (Advanced Certified Personal Trainer). Ed is a Cross Fit Level 1 trainer and is AED and CPR certified. Always in the pursuit of improving his depth of knowledge in training protocols, Ed is currently exploring the applications of mind/body training principles along with research directed towards human biological efficiency.

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